Standard Upright Memorials

These designs are only a sampling of what we have available. We have hundreds of layouts which can be mixed and matched to create the perfect memorial. Our designs are already included in our prices. They can be modified to meet your needs. Our prices are based on the size, color and number of polished sides of the monument. Prices start at $1800. Most upright monuments are set on a granite base. The base material will also affect the price. Call us at (801) 484-1594 or e-mail us at for prices or questions.
Design: Open Scroll with Temple
Size: 36 x 6 x 20
Color: Barre Gray
Options: Polish 3, Granite Base with core holes for vases
Design: Panel with Ivy
Size: 36 x 6 x 20
Color: Morning Rose
Options: Polish 3, Granite Base
Design: Hand Sculptured Roses
Size: 42 x 6 x 24
Color: Harmony Blue
Options: Steeled finish, contoured sides
Design: Flowers & Horse
Size: 48 x 6 x 24
Color: Red
Options: Polish 1, Rocked Edges, Granite Base
Design: Alberta Temple
Size: 60 x 8 x 36
Color: Harmony Blue
Reverse Side with Pedigree Chart
Design: Sunrise Outdoor Scene
Size: 42 x 6 x 24
Color: American Bouquet
Design: Books & Roses
Size: 42 x 6 x 30
Color: Berre Gray
Design: Temple
Size: 54 x 8 x 24
Color: Hormony Blue
Design: Heart with Roses
Size: 42 x 6 x 22
Color: Sable Brown
Design: Heart with Ribbon
Size: 20 x 6 x 42
Color: Harmony Blue
Design: Painted Outdoor Scene
Size: 36 x 6 x 18
Color: Harmony Blue
All Designs Copyright ©2000, Hans Monument, Inc.